Frequently Asked Question

Naisha Foundation is a movement initiated by the youth of Bangladesh dedicated to help the impoverished people of Bangladesh. We hope to break the cycle of poverty through the education and rebuilding of our nation.

“Naisha Foundation Bangladesh” which started its journey from 17th April 2021. Our Fb page name: Naisha Foundation Bangladesh always try to create a better future for underprivileged people of Bangladesh

The Founder of Naisha Foundation is MD Nur Alam

Current Residence: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

No, Naisha Foundation is not a missionary school – we are simply a non-profit organization that provides free of cost international standard education to those people who cannot afford one.

Naisha Foundation welcomes contributions from both public and private sector enterprises.Organizations may choose to support Naisha Foundation as a whole in monetary terms or in other waysaccording to their own convenience – for instance through skill-sharing and training.

Naisha Foundation also accepts sponsors for various social awareness campaigns
Please email for further information.

Naisha Foundation plans to open a branch in every district of Bangladesh. In this way, we hope to provide education to the impoverished and brighten the futures of the children of Bangladesh.
To break the cycle of poverty through education and rebuilding our nation. Naisha Foundation Foundation aims for the betterment of the nation through catering the educational needs of children from socially and economically disadvantaged background and empowering the youths along with inspiring volunteerism in Bangladesh

Whilst Naisha Foundation primary focus is on education, we also work on various support projects that aim to empower women and increase employment opportunities for impoverished communities within Bangladesh. By maintaining a balance of education and skill enhancement for the children, coupled with providing a means to produce income for the family, Naisha Foundation can ensure that the children are able to become fully educated.

On the other hand, being the pioneer in proving the youth a voice and a platform through its youth wing “Volunteer for Bangladesh” Naisha Foundation is now reallocating skills and resources to foster self-reliance and growth in every citizen.

This balance will ultimately allow for the accomplishment of the Naisha Foundation goal – to break the cycle of poverty through education and rebuilding our nation.

Details are available on the Naisha Foundation website, If you have any further queries, simply mail us at