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About Us

Naisha Foundation Bangladesh is welfare, non-profit, voluntary, non-governmental, research-based, and social development organization for the service of distressed humanity. From the very establishment of this foundation, it’s working on education, health service, Food & Accommodation for underprivileged children, Supportingthe rural poor people who doesn’t have any source of food, accommodation, source of income, Medical support.For outside of our organization we have owned “Naisha Foundation Bangladesh” which started its journey from 17th April 2021. Our Fb page name: Naisha Foundation. Naisha Foundation Bangladesh always try to create a better future for underprivileged people of Bangladesh

Mission & Vision


Naisha Foundation Bangladesh mission is to ensure underprivileged people of Bangladesh. Through providing Rural area people support to their rights for education, health, pure water, hygiene, economic aid, and safety from the injustice of society, we are fostering/upholding them to a better future.


Naisha Foundation Bangladesh’s vision: Ensuring urban/under people’sbasic rights by Naisha Foundation Bangladesh.

Our Ongoing Plans

50 Women Empowerment Project

(We are providing Sewing Machines, Goats, Cows, Ducks & Chickens for empowering rural area women.)

20 Motorized Manual Rickshaw projects

(We are already started to provide manual rickshaw to poor and needy person for their employment& income source)

Orphan Children Education & Sustainable Scholarship plan Project

(We have provide financially changed children’s Education, Food and Scholarship)

Medical Treatment Support

(We have already provided and have plan to continue financial support to needy families to survive on critical Medical Condition.)

Food Bucket Distribution Plan

(We have ensured hundreds of families Food buckets during COVID-19 & have plan to continue)

Pure water Facilities by installing Tub well

(We have ensured marginalized population pure drinking water facilities by installing the tub wells and it will continue)